A Pleasant Little Project: Steeped Rosemary



In my garden resides a haven of rosemary. The amount that lives in the backyard seems endless, therefore I constantly use rosemary in my kitchen. I have been on a search to try new and resourceful ways of using this treasured herb. I explained the great rosemary conundrum to my older sister one day and she offered a pleasant hint — steep the rosemary like tea.


This sparked a flame of interest, so I began to do a bit of research and found several benefits of steeped rosemary. Among the several listed, the two that stuck out to me the most were “energy booster” and “headache remedy.” These benefits speak to me because I frequently need more energy and I frequently need headaches to go away.

I attempted this pleasant little project one afternoon while the littles were off at grandma’s house. Randy and I had an evening out planned and I suddenly found myself in need of steeped rosemary (that is, I had no energy and had a headache).

I heated the water, placed the rosemary in the teapot, poured the water over the rosemary and steeped the herb for 10 minutes.


The smell was a sweet and earthy, the color was a dainty pinkish-brown. Steeped rosemary, what a delightful new drink.


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