Breadcrumb Gremolata

Breadcrumb Gremolata

breadcrumb gemolata

Author note: This recipe is adapted from Food52’s Gremolata Breadcrumb.

2 tablespoons unsalted butter

½ cup panko breadcrumbs

zest of 1 lemon

1 small garlic clove, finely chopped

1 packed tablespoon of chopped parsley

kosher salt

  1. In a small skillet over medium low heat, melt the butter.
  2. Add the breadcrumbs and toast until golden, stirring occasionally.
  3. Next, add the garlic and cook for one minute, stirring constantly to prevent burning.
  4. Remove from the heat and add the parsley, zest and big pinch of kosher salt. Stir well to combine. Serve on top of browned butter, celery and leek pea puree (click here for recipe) or seared scallops with white wine lemon pan sauce (click here for recipe)

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