A Pleasant Little Announcement | The Dallas Morning News

A Pleasant Little Kitchen is appearing in The Dallas Morning News. What a thrill!!

One week from today, APLK recipes and images will be featured alongside an article (written by yours truly) discussing ways to access seasonal and local Texas produce. Be on the lookout for not only this enlightening read, but also for the delicious seasonal recipes and beautiful images.

Thank you Dallas News for working alongside APLK and letting us inspire kitchens through your medium.

strawberry cinnamon mascarpone spread blue plate

As of today, APLK is just one day shy of its 1 year anniversary. What a fantastic, fun whirlwind and there’s no better anniversary present than a feature in the Dallas News!

Thank you for supporting this kitchen of mine over the course of this year — cooking the recipes, leaving comments, reading the articles and sharing through social media. Your participation in the APLK community is a blessing.

pureed eggplant with roasted red bell peppers side view

zucchini and leek buttermilk ranch salad bowl

As a Pleasant Little Kitchen continues to grow and encounters new adventures, it is my hope that you will be part of our journey — being kitchen inspired every step of the way.

Once again, thank you and happy cooking, my friends.


baked ricotta and mascarpone black background


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