A Pleasant Little Project | Kufri Life — Flavors to Fabrics to Food

cilantro mint cooler ii

“I want them to welcome a little bit of authentic character into their homes. I want them to open their lives to color, texture, cultures and experience–bringing it all together with things they love, not what’s necessarily trendy, “done” or expected. Break the mold a bit.”

-Mili Suleman, creator of Kufri Life on what she wants people to experience when they bring her fabric into their home

veggie cutlet mint chutney blue and strips

Textures. Scents. Culture. Experiences. These are elements that inspire any creative.

Our creations reflect the flavors of our past and present, as if they were an extension of ourselves.

Mili Suleman, Dallas creative, embodies this in her own productions at Kufri Life (click here for more information)—authentic fabrics, custom furnishings, handwoven rugs, custom printing and weaving. What makes Suleman’s product so unique is her international experience. It brings an ethnic element to what she creates.

mint chutney cutting board post

Born in Bombay, raised in Oman (a Middle Eastern country situated close to Dubai) and a Dallasite for 17 years, her fabrics depict a life and rhythm that’s been exposed to east and west. This immersion in multiple parts of the world is a part of who she is and what she creates.

‘My love for international flavors is very much part of me–it’s responsible for my curiosity in general, which seeps into all my design work. When I travel somewhere new, trying the local flavors and sourcing for local pottery/textiles, it goes hand-in-hand. It all inspires one another, creating the whole experience.”

mint chutney cutting board pre

Food is a part of everyone’s story. What we have eaten in the past and what is consumed today reflects our lifestyle.

Flavors, textures, environments are a part of Suleman’s food memories. Licking lemons as a child. Cooling down with cilantro-mint coolers during hot summer visits to India. Snacking on vegetable cutlets during an evening savory tea time. Eating kebabs with mint chutney in Pakistani restaurants in Oman. Garnishing meals with kothmeer (Hindi for cilantro). Like all of us, food memories are a part of who she is.

If Kufri Life were to be ingredients, it would be turmeric, cumin, Hatch chiles, potatoes, hummus and rice—reflections of her past and present.

vegetable cutlets

‘The fabrics are interesting and have an ethnic side to them like the food I grew up with, but it’s more toned down and refined for homes, like the foods I eat now on a day to day basis. So it very much is a cross between ethnic, raw, refined…a blending of cultures, foods old and new.”

Suleman makes her memories and experiences tangible in beautiful fabrics and design. A Pleasant Little Kitchen has made a meal that reflects Kufri Life and its fabrics and flavors.

Lemon-Ginger Simple Syrup

Cilantro Mint Cooler

Mint Chutney

Vegetable Cutlet

kufri life all

Lemon-Ginger Simple Syrup (click here for recipe)

lemong ginger syrup

Cilantro-Mint Cooler (click here for recipe)

cilantro mint cooler front

Mint Chutney (click here for recipe)

mint chutney

Vegetable Cutlets (click here for recipe)

veggie cutlet mint chutney arrows

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