A Pleasant Little Menu | Make-Ahead Meals


There’s a lot on your plate this week and dinner is the last thing you want to think about. Let this pleasant little menu help relieve the pressure of this upcoming week.


A Pleasant Little Menu | Make-Ahead Meals

Sunday dinner: savory cornbread pudding with leeks, bacon and sage served with a green salad

Monday breakfast: leftover cornbread pudding

Monday dinner: roasted tamarind chicken thighs and avocado cucumber soup

Tuesday Lunch: leftover avocado soup topped with a chilled and sliced boiled egg

Tuesday Dinner: slow cooker pork tenderloin and garlic-fried cabbage (double this recipe)

Wednesday breakfast: pork tenderloin toast with a runny egg and goat cheese

Wednesday dinner: pork tenderloin tacos with cabbage and feta salad and black bean puree

Thursday dinner: leftover black bean puree with spicy garlic shrimp

Friday: pork tenderloin, caramelized onion and arugula pizza


Just a few things to keep in mind while preparing for this week:

  • The majority of the recipe prep and labor is required the evening before the meal is actually cooked.
  • These recipes are friendly to those who stay-at-home or who are away from the home during the day, with the exception of the black bean puree.
  • If you are unable to cook the black beans on Wednesday, soak the beans on Tuesday morning and then cook them on Tuesday evening.
  • Click here for a few thoughts on how to use the black been puree leftovers.
  • Prep time for all these recipes are 20 minutes and under, except for the cornbread pudding on Sunday.
slow cooker pork
Lastly, here’s a guideline to follow for this week’s make ahead menu:

Sunday afternoon: prep cornbread pudding

Sunday evening: marinate chicken thighs

Monday afternoon (or morning): make cucumber soup

Monday evening: marinate pork tenderloin

Tuesday morning: boil egg (and refrigerate)

Tuesday evening: soak beans

Friday evening: make tomato sauce

Happy cooking!


feta cabbage salad left corner


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