A Pleasant Little Announcement | The Dallas Morning News


We all have a food story. For some, it begins at an early age. For others, it comes later in life.

My story began early and the food memory I cherish most is found in a recipe that was developed at least six generations ago.


“Mother’s Noodles” is all that the recipe card reads, but my family lovingly calls it “Thanksgiving noodles” or just “noodles.” This recipe is one of the foundations of my love for food.

Today, this story and recipe is shared on The Dallas Morning News and I couldn’t be more proud and excited (click here to read the recipe).


Thanksgiving Noodles is a family treasure and one that we make every Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was taught to make noodles by my grandmother and am the fifth generation to make it–my daughter and son are the sixth.

IMG_8835 (3)


Thank you to The Dallas Morning News for allowing me to share this special story to your readers, but to also provide recipes and food styling. As always, it’s a wonderful experience.

Thanksgiving props

Please make your way to www.DallasNews.com today or pick up a paper to enjoy this sweet story–one of family, thanksgiving and food.

Happy reading, cooking and Thanksgiving.






2 thoughts on “A Pleasant Little Announcement | The Dallas Morning News

  1. Oh my goodness! Your family’s story parallels ours! It’s the first time that I have ever seen noodles that looks like our Nana’s or seen a written-out recipe! She was also from Oklahoma, and this dish is our family’s favorite. We don’t do it at Thanksgiving, but other family birthdays. She didn’t have a recipe, so when my sister and I were in our late teens, we invited ourselves to watch her make them, and we measured each item she added so we could write a recipe. I thought she made up the part about rolling them in a cylinder to cut! And seeing your noodles all laid out to dry brought so many memories. Thank you for sharing your story. You made me cry!

    • Sharon Harman this makes my day! What a wonderful memory to share with your family. I like that we have similar stories– roots in Oklahoma and grandmothers that passed on a family recipe. How special that the noodles were made on birthdays. Food memories are the best. I’m glad you enjoyed this story, it is so dear to me. Keep making those noodles! ❤️

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