A Pleasant Little Announcement | The Dallas Morning News and Dinner Divas

supper clubOnce a month, I gather with seven other women and eat dinner. We call ourselves the Dinner Divas.tableToday, in The Dallas Morning News I tell a story of this dear group and the impact these monthly gatherings have had on each one of us (click here to read the full story). Not only will you find a story of friendship, but also three delicious recipes for a weeknight dinner party.

Thank you Dallas News for allowing me to tell a story about these ladies and the time we have spent gathering.supper club table iiThe times we spend together is not about the food. It’s about building relationships and community. We never miss a month because it has become part of our routine.

Relationships take time and so should meals. Let the moments spent around a table be powerful. Allow yourself to not only benefit from the gathering, but also to enrich others.chicken and flowers isupper club table iTake this opportunity to gather around the table with new and old friends. Form your own modern day supper club and turn it into a group that becomes part of your community.

Happy gathering!supper club table iiiBest,


P.S. Looking for more menu ideas? Check out the “menus” page (click here for link) for some delicious ideas.

supper club table iv

2 thoughts on “A Pleasant Little Announcement | The Dallas Morning News and Dinner Divas

  1. Hi Rebecca I loved the article in the DMN yesterday about your supper club. I have been a part of a neighborhood couples dinner club for 18 years, it’s been a similar wonderful community building experience for our families. I am working on starting a lifestyle blog and telling that story was on my list. I really like APLK. Mary

    • Wow 18 years! What fun times you’ve all had, and such a commitment to friendship. Thank you Mary for your sweet words about the story AND about APLK. Good luck with your lifestyle blog, it’s such a fun pursuit! Thanks for following along!

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