A Pleasant Little Review | PlanetBox

rover iElementary school. It’s quickly approaching.

I blinked my eyes and the girl I met almost six years ago is about to embark on her academic career.

Big back-pack, little body, endless opportunity–it’s hard to keep my chin from quivering and eyes fill with tears.Katherine rose of sharon iThis new season brings many opportunities and challenges. Mostly I welcome them, a few I don’t– like waking up early and packing lunch.


Packed lunches is not new. It’s been a three day-a-week responsibility for the past year, however I’ve managed to mix and match different plastic containers to meet her needs.papertowel lunchIt’s serious now, this is elementary school. So that means I’m on the hunt for a durable, organized lunch container– free from plastic, dishwasher friendly and organized.

PlanetBox saved the day.

When our “Rover” arrived I was ecstatic.cracker sandwichStainless steel. Four organized compartments. Dishwasher safe. Eco friendly.

However, I was unsure how my daughter would react to a non-Frozen lunchbox.roverShe fell in love and didn’t mind it’s character-freeness. She held on to it and asked what  lunch she would get the next day. I could have said roasted broccoli and she would have said “sounds good!”

The next morning, while packing for her pre-K day, she was 100% involved. She even delegated where each item should be placed.planet boxShe was happy. I was happy.

Now we are ready to face the newness of five-day-a-week school and a “big” little girl lunch full of delicious APLK treats.blog_The only thing left to do now?  Grab a few other Planet Boxes (and decorative magnets!) so I don’t have to wash the Rover every.single.day.

Pop on over to PlanetBox (click here to visit the site) and take a peek at why these containers will make your lunches a little more pleasant.

Happy packing!



P.S. Here’s a few recipes perfect for any “big” little lunch:

Mac and Cheese Bites

Vegetable Cutlet

Buttermilk Ranch Dip

Savory French Toast Sticks

Strawberry-Cinnamon Mascarpone Spread

Chive and Cheese Frittata

Spicy Garlic Roasted Broccoli

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