A Pleasant Little Announcement | The Dallas Morning News and Summer Garden Recipes

garden iA pleasant little garden is not much, but it’s ours.

Every morning, afternoon and evening we tend to our little patch of dirt with curiosity and excitement. As a family we watch the garden grow and we each become partial to a certain piece of it (click here to read more).

Each summer we plant four to five vegetables and see how they grow. It seems that every year one plant thrives the most.cucumbers tomato okraThree years ago: serrano peppers. Two years ago: bell peppers. Last year: okra. This year: cucumbers.

At the end of the season, I’m amazed at how much life can spring from one tiny plant. And from that one plant, recipes develop.cucumber vinesToday, in The Dallas Morning News, I share a bit more about A Pleasant Little Garden and three recipes that have developed from it (click here to read the full story).

It’s my hope that you will find a bit of inspiration to plant a small garden and grow a few recipes of your own.herb salt dmnokra and onions viHappy reading!



P.S. Looking for a few more garden recipe inspiration? Click here.

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