A Pleasant Little Announcement | The Dallas Morning News and Taste of the ’70s


Certain foods trigger memories. Eras even.

When I think about strawberries, I instantly go to Sara Lee pound cake, my grandmother’s house and summer.  manwich white parchment iimanwich and harvey wallbanger slush iHow about sloppy joes? Fondue? Harvey Wallbangers?

Today in The Dallas Morning News I explore the 1970s and some of the food that went along with it (click here to read the story).fondue dmn iiifondue dmn iThe research, conversations and recipe development that went along with writing this story opened my eyes to the ’70s food culture and corrected a few of my assumptions (canned condensed soup was NOT in every recipe).recipe test iiiI hope the recipes and photos take you on a walk down memory lane. And if the ’70s aren’t in your memory bank, enjoy this vintage throwback piece.

Happy cooking!


P.S. Looking for a homemade “Cream of  Chicken Soup” recipe, click here.70s publications DMN

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