A Pleasant Little Announcement | Hatch Green Chile Season

chiles iI arrived to Lubbock in August, newly married and new to Texas.

My husband, a native of New Mexico and master’s student at Texas Tech University, was in his final semester of schooling. I secured a job at the local mall and he worked at the university. Income was small, but our love was big. Frozen pizza and cider was our version of a fancy meal in.hatch chiles panOur go-to grocery store was Market Street. It provided an entertaining experience while meeting our tight grocery budget needs (and if we hit it right on the weekends, a delicious meal of samples).

Hatch chile season was dear to my husband and to this west Texas town. I didn’t quite get it then. What’s the deal with these peppers? Apparently, if you’re familiar with them, you put them on everything.pc and rice blogUpon our August arrival, we were caught in newly wed bliss. My first Hatch season went by in a flash.

Our time in Lubbock was brief. By the new year we found ourselves in the hustle of Dallas with our new lives as young professionals in a big city.hatch chilesBy my second Hatch chile season I understood the excitement over Hatch green chiles. They are available for about one month a year and are only grown in New Mexico. The taste is unique and addictive.

Every August we searched for these New Mexican Hatch chiles, and if we happened to find a restaurant with these seasonal peppers it was as if we hit a gold mine.beans blogAbout the time Market Street moved into Dallas, we moved to the suburbs. Market Street was right down the road from our house and it felt like our grocery experience was made right again.

Walking into Market Street on its opening weekend was like going back to newlywed bliss. It felt like we were back in Lubbock–a young couple, head-over heels in love entering a new season of life.roasted blogWhen my 5th Hatch chile season came around I was nine months pregnant with our first child and eager to stock the freezer with roasted chiles. There wasn’t even a question on where we were getting our Hatch chiles. It was Market Street.chiles blogWe loaded up on the chiles, came home and fired up the grill. It was the night before our daughter was born and we were roasting Hatch green chiles from Market Street. It was as if two major life seasons were meeting up together.roasted blog iIt’s my 11th Hatch chile season, and it’s still the same routine. The peppers arrive at Market Street, my husband and I get giddy, we buy as many as we can, come home and roast them on the grill (or broil in the oven, click here for recipe). Once charred and blistered these green beauties are skinned, seeded and frozen.peeling and seedingWhile Hatch season hits only once a year in August, by preserving them, Hatch chiles are available all year long–or until the frozen stash runs out. This August, APLK will be utilizing (and posting!) Hatch chiles in these upcoming recipes:

Hatch Green Chile Macaroni and Cheese

Hatch Green Chile and Tomatillo Salsa

Hatch Green Chile Pork Chops and Rice

Hatch Green Chile Baked Beans

Hatch Green Chile Infused Tequila

Hatch Green Chile Margaritasbowl and chips iDon’t worry though, there are still a handful of delicious Hatch green chile recipes already available on APLK:

Beer Braised Pork Shoulder with Hatch Green Chiles (click here for recipe)

Hatch Green Chile Jam (click here for recipe)

Hatch Chile Meatloaf (click here for recipe)jam blogI am looking forward to sharing the excitement A Pleasant Little Kitchen has for this seasonal chile. Check back often to get delicious and unique Hatch green chile recipes.

Happy Hatching!



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Market Street. All opinions are my own and I appreciate your support of the brands/companies that I love.

2 thoughts on “A Pleasant Little Announcement | Hatch Green Chile Season

  1. Some very yummy recipes you have, that I gave to try! Hatch Chilies are so awesome. Thank you for sharing!

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