A Pleasant Little Menu | 3 Days of Cooking + Wine Pairings

puff-pastry-plate-4074Depending on portion size, and how many you feed, this menu is designed to limit cooking to just three days for the week.

For my family of four, this meal allows for approximately one leftover meal the following day (or whichever day you decide to re-eat). Friday is intended for take-out or dining at a favorite spot.cheese-iFeel free to arrange this menu or adjust the amount of ingredients (for instance, if you would wish to double to feed more people) to fit your dining schedule.

For kicks, I’ve paired each of these dinners with a glass of wine that would compliment the flavors. Cheers!puff-pastry-finished-complete


Texas Style Beef Chili + Chips + Avocado Crema

Drink: Rose


Prosciutto Puff Pastry + Arugula Salad

Drink: Prosecco


Oven Baked Gruyere Polenta with Chard, Mushrooms and Smoked Paprika Butter + Crusty Bread

Drink: Pinot Noir


Happy cooking!



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