A Pleasant Little Menu | Bubbly Cocktails

mstreetPop! Pour– enjoy the fizzle.

Now that you have the champagne (or prosecco) open and into glasses, you’ve also got everyone’s attention.

There is an allure to the bubbles of sparkling wine. It evokes celebration AND elegance. People feel more appreciated when bubbly drinks are served.champagne-bottleA glass of champagne is like a celebration with every drink.

A good cocktail is a conversation starter. It combines the ingredients that yield a burst of flavor with every sip and that’s something to get excited about.

When sparkling wine and cocktails come together, the outcome is absolutely memorable.lighter-1310Bubbly cocktails up the ante in the drink department. Loved ones feel even more treasured because you served them champagne and took the time to do a bit of mixing.

Get inspired with these pleasant little bubbly and delicious cocktails.drink-with-rosemary

Champagne Cocktail

Gin and Grape Rosemary Sparkling Rosé

Gin and Maple Aperol Spritz

Sage 75

Sparkling Whiskey with Lavender Orange Syrup

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