A Pleasant Little Menu | 3 Fast Dinners

chive-and-cheese-frittata-ii-1-of-1All evenings are not created equal and the dinner cooked each night needs to fit the need of each day.

An intricate recipe doesn’t work on these busy weekday nights, but take-out doesn’t always have to be an option either.avocado-shrimp-salad-1-of-1Quick, delicious and satisfying meals can be attainable on those hectic nights— and you might walk away feeling better satisfied because a home cooked meal was served.

A few ways I accomplish quick weeknight meals are by:bowl-of-salad-and-plate-iipurchasing premade ingredients: Whether it’s store bought pizza dough, or pre sliced fruit, some nights it takes a village to get dinner on the table.

making breakfast for dinner: A quick frittata makes an easy dinner. Crack the eggs, add some cheese, give a good whisk and pop in the oven. Prep is a breeze and cook time is at about 15 minutes. pizza-ii-1-of-1using quick cook-time proteins: Shrimp and scallops have extremely low cook times, which makes getting dinner on the table much easier.

doing some prep work ahead of time: If I know a busy day is on the horizon, I will do a quick five to ten minute prep the night before or the morning of. For example, I will dice vegetables or even cook sausage and let sit in the fridge before it’s time to cook. It’s tricks like these that will save you minutes when it’s go time.eli-and-chips-1-of-1Say it with me, I CAN cook dinner on a busy weeknight…I CAN cook dinner on a busy weeknight.

Well said, my friends.pizza-slice-1-of-1Start this week with these three fast dinners that will leave you with time to spare on those busy weeknights:

chive and cheese frittata + fresh fruit slices + crusty bread

shrimp and avocado cucumber salad + tortilla chips + two-minute margarita

roasted radish and sausage pizza + arugula saladmargarita-recrop-1-of-1

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