Wild Mushroom White Pizza

Date-night “in” is hallowed ground in our home. It’s intentional time spent with my most-loved one where our evening is slow and filled with ridiculously good food, refreshing conversation, boisterous laughter and quality wine. An important ingredient to a successful evening “in” is the kitchen. It is not just about the cooking in this room […]

Red Wine Braised Short Ribs with Gorgonzola Polenta Medallions

Gray skies, cold breezes and long nights are my jam. Needless to say I thrive in the winter. It’s not just the environmental elements that invigorate me during this time of the year. It’s how I “dress up” these long nights that I love: warm food, full bodied wines and conversations that linger well after […]

Instant Pot Short Rib Chili

There’s nothing like a bowl of chili to make the day right. However, when I am craving chili the most, it’s normally one of those busy days (which is probably WHY I’m craving comfort food) which tends to keep me from making the giant bowl of comfort… I mean chili. <sigh>That’s not the case now […]