| Planning a menu, whether weekly or for a special occasion, can be a point of frustration. Let APLK help ease the burden with these pleasant little menus. |

Recipes | Special Occasions | Weekly Menus

Bubbly Cocktails
Runny Egg Toasts
Simple Syrups

Special Occasions 
Bridal Shower Brunch
Christmas 2016
Easter Lunch
Fourth of July
Freezer Favorites for Kids
July 4th
Mother’s Day Brunch
New Year’s Eve
Summer Garden
Summer Grilling
Summertime Snacks
Super Bowl Finger Foods
Thanksgiving I
Thanksgiving II
Valentines Day
Wedding Shower Brunch

Weekly Meals 
3 Days of Cooking + Wine Pairings
Bolognese, Slow Cooker Chicken and Roasted Chicken
Dinner for 1
Make-Ahead Meals
Short Ribs, Chicken and Pork Shoulder

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