A Pleasant Little Review | America’s Test Kitchen’s How to Roast Everything

Roasting meat and vegetables is one of the best kitchen skills to acquire. The ability to cook with an oven is a valuable skill, that once mastered, allows you the cook to roast almost anything without a recipe. America’s Test Kitchen’s cookbook How to Roast Everything is the perfect tutorial for achieving this skill.Regardless of where […]

A Pleasant Little Review | Cook’s Country One-Pan Wonders

I was raised on steak and potatoes. Every weekend dad manned the grill outside and mom popped the russet potatoes in the oven. It was a weekly ritual that we all looked forward to. Since then a nicely grilled beef filet paired with a baked potato and a glass of red wine speaks my food […]

A Pleasant Little Review | PlanetBox

Elementary school. It’s quickly approaching. I blinked my eyes and the girl I met almost six years ago is about to embark on her academic career. Big back-pack, little body, endless opportunity–it’s hard to keep my chin from quivering and eyes fill with tears.This new season brings many opportunities and challenges. Mostly I welcome them, a […]

A Pleasant Little Review | America’s Test Kitchen Foolproof Preserving

Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall. Preserving the bounties of the seasons should not be limited to one season. I’m new to the “canning” world. Two years ago, I picked up a book on “putting up” and feel in love with the romantic notion of preserving the seasons.The more I got involved with the book, the more […]