Recipes that Create Leftovers

Currently, many of us are preparing three meals a day at home, and this, even for the most ardent of cooks can be daunting. I have found that BIG meals that create leftovers will be beneficial to some during this “time-at-home” season. Leftovers are a great way to skip a day or two of cooking […]

Happy Meals (and other recipes to make you feel good)

During some of the most difficult moments in life I have found distraction and happiness in the kitchen. Creating is therpuetic and I hope these recipe will be the good medicine you might be needing. Tuck into your homes and be sure to wander into the kitchen to create a meal (or snack) that will […]

Pork Sugo

Pork Sauce. “Ummm, pork sauce?” You might be confused. Let me rephrase it. Pork Sugo, it’s Italian for awesome.Let me help you out. Pork Sugo is an Italian meal of pork shoulder that has been slow cooked with tomatoes. The result is fall apart pork shoulder and a decadent sauce (sugo) to serve with pasta […]