Food to Cook When You’re Gathering Outside

The time has arrived to start planning a 4th of July grilling session. Here’s a bit of inspiration to get you started for this upcoming holiday full of outdoor fun. Pick one or all eight, and remember– have fun! Best, Rebecca Balsamic Peaches Cucumbers and Vinegar Pickled Shrimp with Mississippi Comeback Sauce Old Bay Grilled […]

Grilled Ribs

I’m a sucker for ribs. Yes, they are messy. Yes, they take time. And yes, they are worth it! Ribs can be cooked in a variety of contraptions: grill, oven, smoker, slow cooker and pressure cooker. Having cooked ribs each of these ways I’ve learned quite a bit. There are three requirements for a good […]

Grilled Harissa Shrimp Flatbread

This post was made in partnership with Ribera y Rueda and The Feedfeed. It may be early for some, but summer has officially arrived in Texas. The days are longer. We seem to rise and set with the sun—the constant sunshine pulls us outdoors to play and just linger. The season of relaxing has arrived.What […]

Cherry Cobbler

Fresh cherries are a delight. This is a fact. Cherries are friendly happy fruit that, when eaten fresh, burst with the flavor and tastes of summer. When eaten cooked, they’re like a giant hug from a grandmother.Cherries do have a downside—the pit. You have to work for this summer sweet treat, however, with the proper […]