Cherry Cobbler

Fresh cherries are a delight. This is a fact. Cherries are friendly happy fruit that, when eaten fresh, burst with the flavor and tastes of summer. When eaten cooked, they’re like a giant hug from a grandmother.Cherries do have a downside—the pit. You have to work for this summer sweet treat, however, with the proper […]

Dessert Board for 2

There are a lot of fun and tempting dessert boards out there. Typically they are quite large and could feed an army of Sweet Tooths. Today, I want to share with you a smaller concept: Dessert Board for 2. It’s the perfect size for two, or, if you’re feeling extra hungry, for one. I especially […]

Greek Shrimp Salad

I love a good Greek salad, don’t you? One of my favorite memories when traveling in Greece YEARS ago (we’re talking pre-kid travels here) is consuming as many Greek salads as possible. Fresh cucumbers, summer-ripe tomatoes, melt in your mouth olives and creamy feta.There’s something missing, right? The leafy green. It was at that point […]