Homemade Plain Yogurt

Yogurt is a refrigerator staple that can (and should) be created at home. A quick internet search will yield a variety of methods on making yogurt at home, which may hold you back on this endeavor. As you sift through the yogurt noise keep this in mind: homemade yogurt is an easy skill to acquire. […]

A Pleasant Little Memory | Sirloin, Sweet Potato, Garlic Kebabs

There’s never a season when we are not grilling. Maybe because Dallas is home and the weather is most always tolerable…or because Randy and I absolutely love the results of cooking over open flame?The smell of charcoal being lit, the sight of billowing smoke rising from the grill, and the taste of grilled food are intoxicating. It’s […]

Breakfast Quesadillas

We are a quesadilla family, hopefully you are too. Didn’t finish all the steak last night? Roasted cauliflower still not eaten? Leftover chicken? Only cheese and tortillas in the fridge? Not a problem. Make quesadillas.Grab some flour tortillas, add some shredded cheese (Mexican blend is my favorite) and if there’s a bit of time, sauté […]

A Pleasant Little Review | Cook’s Country One-Pan Wonders

I was raised on steak and potatoes. Every weekend dad manned the grill outside and mom popped the russet potatoes in the oven. It was a weekly ritual that we all looked forward to. Since then a nicely grilled beef filet paired with a baked potato and a glass of red wine speaks my food […]

A Pleasant Little Give-Away | America’s Test Kitchen Foolproof Preserving

Today’s a good day, because you can sign-up for a chance to win a free copy of America’s Test Kitchen’s newest cookbook, Foolproof Preserving. Intimidated by preserving? Don’t be. This book is a brilliant guide to preserving the seasons in a variety of ways. To win a copy, all you need to do is: follow the blog A […]