A Pleasant Little Announcement | Good Morning Texas and Three Easter Ham Recipes

A busy week is ahead of boiling and dying eggs, preparing a celebratory menu and making family plans. Easter is in seven days.Tomorrow on Good Morning Texas, I get to demonstrate how to make three sauces that are full of flavor, easy to prep and make-ahead friendly that can be used to dress-up the prized Easter […]

Greek Yogurt, Honey and Chia Seeds

One afternoon a few years back, my little assistant was standing nearby while I was preparing one of my favorite go-to snacks. Greek yogurt, honey and chia seeds. It’s a recipe that is healthy, quick and filling. To sweeten each bite, I typically add whatever fruit happens to be in my fridge. While I was about to […]

A Pleasant Little Inspiration | Runny Egg Toasts

Morning runs are the best– especially when served on top of toast with avocado cream and hot sauce,or avocado crema, radishes and hot sauce.Perhaps you prefer parsley sauce and crumbled feta,or a simple brioche with fresh parsley.Add more protein to the day with black bean puree, avocado slices and hot sauce.Have a smaller bite with an English muffin […]