Shortbread Cookies with Cherry Buttercream Frosting

Cookies. It’s such a powerful word. Just a whisper of it can move mountains and turn a weary heart to joy. At least it does in my house.“If you pick up ALL the toys in the living room, you can have a cookie.” Mountains moved.“Please. Stop crying. If you get your emotions together, I’ll give […]

Pancakes with Simmered Peaches and Whipped Cinnamon Crème Fraîche

Growing up my grandparents would take us to pick peaches every summer. The memories of walking through the orchard and searching tree after tree for the most perfect pick still fills my heart with joy. After foraging through the orchard, boxes of peaches would be divvied up among our family and taken back home—then devoured.That’s […]

A Pleasant Little Menu | Summer Grilling

The heat is on, people. Literally. It’s summer and it’s hot outside. Summer days are long and hot which means balmy late nights are in full swing. Those long evenings can be chock full of outdoor fun– swimming, gathering, laughing and GRILLING.One thing about A Pleasant Little Kitchen is that the cooking is not limited to indoors. […]