A Pleasant Little Review | America’s Test Kitchen Foolproof Preserving

instructions blog viiiWinter. Spring. Summer. Fall. Preserving the bounties of the seasons should not be limited to one season.

I’m new to the “canning” world. Two years ago, I picked up a book on “putting up” and feel in love with the romantic notion of preserving the seasons.onion jam ingredients iThe more I got involved with the book, the more downtrodden I became. The recipes were beautiful albeit not practical. After one summer season of cooking from it, I retired from the preservation world.

As my relationship with food has evolved over the years, I scorpacciata, eat with the seasons, as much as possible. However, now I want more.

I want to eat with the seasons as well as have some previous season available to nibble on for a rainy day—or when I’m longing for a change in seasonal produce.onion jam ingredients iiWhen I picked America’s Test Kitchen’s Foolproof Preserving I was hesitant. Will this be another negative canning experience?

When I looked more closely at the title I saw the key words that gave me hope that these recipes were attainable: a guide to small batch jams, jellies, pickles, condiments and more.cover and herbsGuide. Small batch.

At this point I knew the book was for me, a seasoned cook but beginner preserver. I happily committed to the book and was quickly confirmed. Cooking from this book was the right decision.

Visually I was educated on what was in the book.

Recipe definitions.instructions blog iv

Equipment.instructions blog iiProcedures.instructions blog vii

instructions blog iOnce enlightened on the logistics behind preservation, it was time to investigate the recipes. I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Foolproof Preserving was an educational and delightful read. I walked away with a long list of recipes that could be done with confidence.cabbage iiiThe first recipe tried was Quick Thai Pickled Cabbage. Prep was minimal and the result was immediate.

30 minutes later, I couldn’t keep the little fingers in my house from grabbing a handful and running off to play in the backyard. It was eaten entirely before dinnertimecabbage ivCaramelized Onion Jam was next.

While prepping, I stopped practically mid-chop to pop out to the market. I needed more ingredients because this jam needed to be doubled. It was going to be that good.onion jam ingredientsATK had the foresight to see this coming. At the bottom of the page was a little orange box that directed me on how to double the recipe.

I’m glad I listened to inner intuition. The recipe was a winner– a versatile, flavorful condiment. Caramelized Onion Jam has found its way on our family’s toast, eggs, salads, sandwiches and soon, pizza.onion jam ingredients iii

instructions blog viThe next round of recipes will be to “put-up” the changing seasons.

If these recipes are anything like the smaller batches of pickles and jams I know they will be attainable, approachable and precise. Everything an America’s Test Kitchen recipe is promised to be.instructions blog v

onion jam salad blogIf “putting up” seems like a task, think again. There are several ways to preserve year-round and America’s Test Kitchen Foolproof Preserving instructively shows how. A wonderful guide for a seasoned or beginner preserver.

Foolproof Preserving will make any kitchen more pleasant year round and should earn a spot in your cookbook collection.blog

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