Welcome to my kitchen! I’m glad you stopped by. My name is Rebecca and I love to cook – it’s that simple. A Pleasant Little Kitchen is the result of that love. I delight in grocery shopping, reading food articles, talking about food and testing new recipes. I want to extend to you the joy and beauty I find in the kitchen. Whether you’re searching for confidence to stand up to the cutting board or searching for camaraderie in food creation, let the information shared here be a part of your story. I hope that A Pleasant Little Kitchen will inspire your kitchen and all who occupy it. I want to help you create delicious food in order to nourish those around you. Everyone has to eat – why not make it tasty and enjoyable.

To the unconfident cook, abandon your fear of the kitchen and bravely walk into one of your biggest challenges. My desire is to share attainable recipes, tips on kitchen organization, and the odds and ends of cooking. I want to transform what is a non-pleasant in your life into a confident, enjoyable experience. Let the words of an old family friend encourage you: “I’m not a good cook; I just know how to follow a recipe.”

To the confident home cook, continue your pursuit of culinary happiness. I want you to be your cooking companion and inspire you with recipes, kitchen projects and food memories. A happy cook makes good food. I hope A Pleasant Little Kitchen enriches your kitchen experience. Make yourself at home.

To the new home cook, congratulations on one of the most enriching and rewarding hobbies you will ever find. Use A Pleasant Little Kitchen as a resource for your foundation of food knowledge and technique. Embrace your inexperience and here’s to finding your own kitchen rhythm.

A Pleasant Little Kitchen is a work in progress and it’s meant to always change and grow. There are times I like to strip off the confines of recipes and simply experience throwing ingredients together to see (and taste) how it works. There are times that I study recipes and exercise the instructions exactly as it states. That’s how I work and A Pleasant Little Kitchen will reflect that. Not all posts will be about food, and some days I may just be silent. Let’s face it, when you cook a lot, you clean a lot.

Food has weaved itself into my life since childhood. I did not come from white tablecloths and ivory towers. I am a self-taught cook, who through trial and error, has discovered what a treasure tasty and creative home-cooked food can be. I am a wife, mama and historian. I love my dog and all things beautiful. So, welcome friends, to my humble yet pleasant little kitchen.


9 thoughts on “about

    • Thank you Kay! Unfortunately I don’t have a shop. A Pleasant Little Kitchen is just a food blog where I develop recipes, create menus and write food memories. Hopefully one day I will have my own little shop. Thanks for the interest. Have fun looking around the site and I hope you can find some recipes you would like to try out in your own pleasant little kitchen!

  1. Love the blue plates pictured on your coffee cake muffins recipe. What plates are those and where did you get them, if you don’t mind sharing! Thank you! Cheers!

  2. Thanks so much for all of the great content, Rebecca!

    Your recipes and suggestions have certainly inspired our kitchen and those we’ve shared your website with 🙂 We appreciate you sharing and we’re looking forward to more!

    • J R thank you very much for those kind words! It’s an honor to be a part of your kitchen. I’m so happy you find inspiration with APLK. Thank you for the support AND for sharing with others!

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