A Pleasant Little Lesson | Simple Syrups

soda-trio-croppedPlease put this ratio to memory: 1 part water to 1 part sugar.

Combine this ratio into a sauce pan (or better yet, the microwave when you’re short on time), and you will have created a simple syrup.

Now that this ratio is set to memory, there is the second part to remember: infusion.rosemary-ss-iFlavor infusion is an additional (and easy) step to implement within the simple syrup concoction.

To extract flavor from a certain ingredient, like herbs, add it to the syrup while it’s slowing heating. If there is an extract you love, like rose extract (that’s my favorite), add it to the syrup while it’s heating as well. syrup-iWhat about citrus? Add the zest while the syrup is heating, then add the juice at the end of the process. Strain (to remove pulp) and chill. Perhaps you desire a tea infused syrup? Place the tea in with the syrup, and it will infuse the sugary liquid (don’t over steep, you would hate to have a bitter syrup!).

Now the world of homemade drinks, non-boozy or boozy, is at your fingertips.cup-vi-croppedNext time you are at the markets and see endless rows of simple syrups infused with the most basic of ingredients (vanilla) to a more difficult to find (elderberry), be assured of your ability to make it at home.

Below are a few infused simple syrup recipes just waiting to inspire your next drink.ingredients

Lavender Orange

Lemon Ginger




lavender-orange-fizzy-iHappy cooking!



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