Recipes that Create Leftovers

Currently, many of us are preparing three meals a day at home, and this, even for the most ardent of cooks can be daunting. I have found that BIG meals that create leftovers will be beneficial to some during this “time-at-home” season. Leftovers are a great way to skip a day or two of cooking […]

How-To Make Scrambled Eggs: a kids cooking tutorial

Recently, my daughter asked to cook without assistance. Rejoice! She wants to cook on her own. However, on this first request I had to ask myself “what recipe can I give her to let her experience a nod of independence from me but also experience kitchen success?” To know how to properly cook an egg […]

Happy Meals (and other recipes to make you feel good)

During some of the most difficult moments in life I have found distraction and happiness in the kitchen. Creating is therpuetic and I hope these recipe will be the good medicine you might be needing. Tuck into your homes and be sure to wander into the kitchen to create a meal (or snack) that will […]