EASY dinner. If this stirs something in your soul, or you simply want to make dinner quickly, then these 5 recipes from the APLK archive are for you. All 5 of these recipes are filled with basic ingredients and minimal effort. Some may take awhile to simmer or bake, but you won’t be doing work– […]

Hatch Chile Pork Stew

Sometimes, heat craves heat. Let me explain. Come August, when the temperatures have been on their multiple 100-degree day streak and the swimming pools are no longer cooling anyone down—this is the time. It’s now that I start longing for those cooler months, but at the same time have come to accept the end of […]

A Pleasant Little Feed | Okra

I love okra– I have no shame to admit it. Here are a few of my favorite APLK okra recipes to help you see the Okra Light, in case you think you are not a fan of this glorious summer time veg. Enjoy, my friends! Best, Rebecca Warm Okra Red Onion Salad with Pine Nuts […]